“Super” – Jay Crow Comics review (issues 2 and 3)

Sorry, this is going to be fairly quick, but hopefully informative.

I picked up issues 2 and 3 of the Jay Crow Comics title, Super, at the Salt Lake Comic Con last month.


I was previously able to review the initial issue (HERE), and was looking forward to getting my hands on the next ones, so: lucky me!

Continuing the storyline established in issue 1, I find that there are not as many time-jumps as in the premiere, which I appreciated. It makes the story-telling a little easier to follow.

Oh, they’re still there, but it feels like they’re uses a little more judiciously than in issue 1. I’m not going to do a statistical analysis on it, or anything, so if they haven’t changed how frequently they use them, then they’ve improved how well they use them.

The art is still fabulous, though overall it’s a bit dark (not just thematically), and I really enjoyed the depictions of the many points of view of the characters: the journalist in a “war” zone, the politician, the child of divorce, and even the family life of the fictional Arab country in which we find our story playing out.

I was surprised they went there, to be honest. A depiction of a violated wife, rejecting husband, spousal abuse, all wrapped up in a Muslim casing…. brave.

Not to mention the jihadist beheading…..

And, my goodness! The evil father of our hero… another scientist fixated on his work and ambition rather than his family and/or without any sense of moral direction…

I like him. I like a really good villain, especially when he’s just a guy.

And this guy is really pretty douche-y.

These next 2 issues give us a little more insight into our hero’s state of mind, but still with some holes to be filled as time goes on.

Keep up the good work, fellas. Jay Crow has really let this title grow into itself. Kudos to you all.


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