“Enigma”, issue 3 – Quad M Productions

I recently got my hands on issue 3 of the four-part “Genesis” story-line I mentioned in my post on issues 1 and 2, HERE.

Once you’ve read that, you pretty much have a grasp on what I think about this title from a technical standpoint. I’m still not sold completely on the coloring aspect of the book, though. There is a very harsh, two-tone effect on the characters’ faces that I’m not really digging.

But, that aside, I am really liking the story, which in issue 3 continues in it’s dark, foreboding, supernaturally-enhanced (to me, anyway) police procedural. Trust me, it plays way better than I just described it for you.

I especially like the realization of the “emptiness” of one of the characters this time around. They’re a completely blank slate, even to the psychic, but they still have an identity.

It sounds contradictory, but it’s not.

The introduction/clarification of the “big baddie” in this issue was nice, too. Not just a dark underling running around causing problems for our hero and his associates.

I’ll admit, I was never into the supernatural comics when I was a collector. I was pretty solidly a superhero kind of guy, but there is something about “Enigma” that really gets me. I suppose I’ll just have to break down and contract the guys over at Quad M and put myself on the mailing list for future issues. Sadly, I don’t see them on the list to be at this week’s Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, or I would just swing by their table and take care of that.

If you’re interested in this title, you can swing by their website, HERE, and/or follow them on twitter, @quadmcomics.

As I said, there is something about “Enigma.” I can’t put my finger on it, but I almost just want to amass like 10 issues and then binge-read them so I can just enjoy the flow of the story…

Keep on, keeping on, and I’ll see you all around the shadow.

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