Once upon a time, there was a man. A brilliant man. A man of science and logic. One day, through the application of that science and logic of which he thought so highly, that man acquired the kind of physical might that mortal men have dreamed of for centuries.

For millenia.

But with that power came a great price.

As does all power.

Perhaps it was too great a price.

There is a very famous superhero whose cousin has similar powers and abilities as he does; perhaps you’ve seen the TV show about her?

But this is not about him, or his cousin. It is about someone altogether different

The man, of course, is Bruce Banner, and that power takes the form of the Incredible Hulk.

After a successful TV series in the 70s (starring Bill Bixby a Bruce Banner, with Lou Ferrigno playing the Hulk), people know the Hulk, but do they know about his cousin Jennifer, and how she became She-Hulk?

Long story short, there was car wreck, she needed blood, Bruce is a doctor and had the same blood type, so he gave her a transfusion of his blood to save her life. The radiation in his blood turned her into She-Hulk.

So, if a little bit of his blood can turn someone into the Hulk, why can’t a blood transfusion cure him? Is it still a gamma radiation issue, or is it some mutation in the blood? If it’s in the blood, then just swap that stuff out and/or dilute it to make it less potent, and Bruce can remain semi-human, like his cousin, when he Hulks-out.

I’m just saying, sometimes I think up weird stuff, and if I actually did some research, I’m sure that I could find out that Marvel already addressed this very–

No, actually Marvel would just expect us to accept it and move on, but I’m sure there’s a die-hard Hulk fan out there has a completely well-researched and documented treatise on the Hulk that would explain it all.

I’m just saying….

Bye for now.

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