The morning after Paris.

I arise this morning, tired and bleary-eyed, to a world where less than 24 hours have passed since the events in Paris yesterday. Well over 100 people are dead, and already, various pundits are making noise about who to blame.

Though ISIS has claimed responsibility, and one suspect who was arrested said plainly enough that he was from ISIS, we still don’t know WHO did this.

Was it long-time residents of France? Was it recent “refugees” from the middle-east?

There is one thing that seems unquestionable at this point, however: these attacks were planned and carried out by radical Muslims. They were designed to kill people. Lots of people. In spaces that would normally be considered “safe.” Their strategy was simple and easy to adapt to any location around the world.

Can you imagine what would happen had these attacks taken place in, say, Philadelpia? A couple of suicide bombers in the Wells Fargo Center as the 76ers play a game.

A couple armed gunmen attacking, not some posh Parisian cafe, but shooting up the intersection between Geno’s and Pat’s, killing families out simply trying to decide which cheesesteak is better?

A suicide bomber walks up to the liberty bell, and shoves a backpack bomb inside it, destroying it, and wounding or killing dozens with shrapnel from the Liberty Bell.

French President Hollande’s administration did two things quickly and correctly. First, they declared a state of emergency and flooded the streets with police and military personnel to secure active attack sites and the victims of those attacks. Second, they declared the border closed to stop the uncontrolled flood of persons of unknown background and intent from entering and conceivably adding to the still-unknown number of potential/waiting terrorists.

For those that have/would argue that those refugees are simply fleeing from people like those that perpetrated these attacks, I would agree with you in general.

But that isn’t the point.

The point is that they fled countries like Syria, Iraq, and Egypt because people like this had free reign to terrorize their own people in pursuit of their radical goals. They simply took whatever they needed from a frightened populace and killed those who disagreed or tried to resist them.

When, then, can we expect that population to do when they move en mass into Europe, where they are now confronted with the same individuals and groups they fled, using the same tactics as before? Europe’s massive refugee influx has provided the terrorists a built-in population in which to hide themselves, who fear them so much that they will shelter them and protect them, all out of fear of retaliation by another cell of radicals. This radical population will be protected by those Human Rights Groups who believe that the refugees, as a complete group, are innocent, and any attempt to break into that group to find the perpetrators will be billed as Islamaphobic or Xenophobic, and their concerns will be shouted down and the individuals making those attempts will be shamed away.

But France has boldly taken the first step to combat this: stop providing cover to your enemy. And make no mistake, these radical Islamists are the enemy. They are the enemy of any culture that does not bow before their beliefs. Theirs is not a “live and let live” philosophy, but rather a “live our way or else” philosophy.

This is antithetical to every developed western nation, and it is important to remember that the society that is not willing to fight and die for its own survival has no hope against those that would fight and die to change it.

I applaud President Hollande for clearly articulating the events of yesterday as “an act of war,” and for boldly stating that “Faced with war, the country must take appropriate action.”

To those that might argue the meaning of “appropriate,” I would remind them that, faced with an enemy who will kill himself to kill your people as a first-line tactic of battle, there can be only one definition of “appropriate:” do what you must to keep your enemies far from you, and destroy them before complacency and fatigue saps the will of your people, allowing the enemy to return and continue his war against you.

Freedom has never been without cost, but it is a cost that must be paid if truly Freedom is to be truly won for any length of time.

War is not started by those who desire peace, but it must be won by those who wish to live in Freedom.

This is not a French issue, or an American issue, or even a Democratic or Republican issue: it is a human issue. Those who wish to live in Freedom must be willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure it is not taken from them by those who would replace it with servitude.

Clearly, all civilized nations and peoples stand with France today. Whatever assistance they ask for will be given without hesitation. But will we stand and fight for Freedom, as well, wherever it is threatened? With whatever means are necessary to ensure her survival?

America’s history says yes. Let’s hope her leadership agrees.



One thought on “The morning after Paris.

  1. France has been welcoming refugees from Syria since 2009. Plenty of time to formulate a plan? Over the past cpl months France has began welcoming more….are they letting in genuine refugees or those with cruel intentions?
    In regards to the French president, I think he has done a remarkable job closing down the borders, sending in military reinforcements and announcing curfews. This is the second attack of the French this year, I hope it’s the last.


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