And for my next event…!

I have decided that, despite having figured out that I actually have more than enough $$ (and a press credential) to make it to the Phoenix Fan Fest in a couple of weeks, I’m going to skip it.


I have decided that I would like to finally go to a Wizard Con, so I plan to go to the Las Vegas one in March (any excuse to go to Vegas, right?). Conveniently enough, it’s the weekend before Salt Lake FanX 2016, so I will be able to compare the two events basically side-by-side.


[Shadow note: FanX is having its kick-off press conference next tuesday, along with the release of the first batch of guest announcements; guess where I’ll be that day?]

But, since I won’t be carrying that ever-so impressive press badge for FanX, maybe I can be a little more chill and not worry quite as much about this side of it and maybe just enjoy it a bit more. Not that I won’t still be writing it up (or that I wasn’t enjoying it before–far from it), but I won’t have to write it up, if you know what I mean.

I will miss getting to see the press event on opening day, though, before the show started. That was always a fun time.

*sigh* Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Before that, however, I hope to write up a piece about our trip up to Seattle in February to see the just announced Vice-Presidential candidate, Mike Rowe, speak at the Paramount Theatre. We are looking forward to having a great time. Even cooler? We get to meet him.

I wonder if Freddy travels with him…?

Vote Freddy and the Biped 2016! (That sounds like a punk band from the 70s)

So there it is. Until February, I should just be writing here, watching Netflix, editing for Curiosity Quills (and making authors cry), and working that day job for my uncle.

Your uncle, too.

But then the fun starts!

Ciao, everybody! See you around the shadow!


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