Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Press Conference, 24 November 2015

I don’t remember the last time I sat in Starbucks and typed up a blog post. Maybe I do.

Hold on…..

HERE it is.

This time, there’s no concert, but rather a press conference by Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg about the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X in March.

comic con iron man

A pretty good turnout. Lots of cosplayers, lots of press. More on that, later.

The big news, of course, was the announcement of the first 6 guests for FanX.

Not too shabby a list, either:

Peter Davision – Doctor Who (Doctor the 5th)

Curtis “Booger” Armstrong – Revenge of the Nerds

Dean Cain – Lois and Clark

Summer Glau – Firefly/Terminator/Arrow

John Rhys Davies – The Lord of the Rings (I called this one in the contest, BTW. Boom)

Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead/Boondock Saints

I got to see Summer Glau just a month ago at Stan Lee’s Comikaze (HERE). A very nice lady, to be sure.

Summer Glau - Comikaze 2015

John Rhys Davies? Come on, man! Lord of the Rings? Indiana Jones? Nice get.

And I’ve said some, uh, hmmm… things? about Dean Cain in the past… Okay, I’ll own it. They’re in HERE.

I also got a spare moment to thank, again, Danielle Chard, one of the PR folks working with Salt Lake Comic Con (and another very nice lady), for her help during the “press credential incident of 2015,” as it has become known to no one but me.

I appreciate that she told me to contact her with any problems with press this time. I told her the only problem this time is that I’m not even applying. We’ve had this discussion here in the shadow before: with the site traffic requirements, it’s not even worth my time to waste theirs. I told her that I already bought my tickets, but that I will still be covering the event from a fan’s perspective, which is normally what I do anyway.

Fan first, remember? Always a fan. If you’re not a fan, you’re going into events like this half-blind, and then you’re not really bringing anything to the table. Where’s the fun in that?

But Danielle, if you’d like to break the rules, go ahead and hit me up with a press credential. I’m cool with favoritism.

A couple of other notes from the presser that are kind of neat. Apparently, if you buy your wristband, you can log into your Growtix account and put in a code and be able to ride UTA (bus, Trax, Frontrunner) by tapping on and off with your RFID wristband. No ticket carrying for those traveling to and from the event from any distance, so: very cool. One less thing to keep track of and find at the end of the day. The convenience of that cannot be overstated. Ever try to find your car keys or a receipt in the middle of all your stuff at the end of a con day? Frightening.

Also, while they haven’t settled on a number, the ticket sales will be capped once again for FanX, but should be similar to FanX 2015. As a result, the vendor floor will be smaller and more exclusive.

Speaking of vendors, apparently Funko will be here again, and have signed a 3 year contract. Not impressive, you say? Bryan Brandenburg reminded everyone that Funko only does the New York and San Diego Comic Cons.

Until now.

Which means we should maybe see some more “Salt Lake Comic Con Exclusive” Funkos.


Speaking of San Diego, apparently there was meeting recently regarding about the ongoing lawsuit, with the result that a judge has denied San Diego’s motion to cancel Salt Lake’s trademark, saying that it needs to go to trial to make that determination.

I still say San Diego is going to lose this, in the end, unless they come up with a settlement.

And if San Diego settles, they’ll be admitting they’ve lost, in my opinion.

But I ain’t a lawyer, so…..

Bryan said that there will be some more guest announcements coming because of the holidays, so that people could buy passes as gift and whatnot, plus factor that in to holiday spending.

It has been strongly hinted that this will be a Doctor Who heavy event, so if you’re a Whovian, this event should be right up your alley.

So, we’ll see everyone on Easter weekend. Maybe Salt Lake Comic Con will have a few Easter Eggs of its own to share with the fans.


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