Something, something, something, whatever….

I feel the need to post something today, but it’s difficult. My head is killing me (weather-related, perhaps), my neck and low back are riled up because I haven’t been to the chiropractor in a while (thanks to VA for dragging their feet), and I still can’t really hear in my right ear (yet another appointment on January 4: I’ll be completely deaf by then, I’m sure.).

Oh, I’m sleeping like complete garbage lately, so I’m just flat-out tired, to boot.

I have editing to do for a Curiosity Quills author, and I swear, I’m trying to get to it, but if I can’t really focus on it, how good a job can I do for them?

Oh, look: it’s snowing again. Not a lot, just a flurry, but it looks nice.

I have a very adorkable (yes, it’s a word) cat holding me down in my office chair. I may have mentioned her before. She has this thing about my chair, so if I’m in it, she’s in my lap, grabbing the arm with her front paws and going to sleep. Kind of relaxing and annoying at the same time.

But, on the upside, I have managed to catch up on The Walking Dead, finish Jessica Jones (HERE), finally see Jurassic World, eat a lot of turkey, and put up the Christmas tree yesterday.

More turkey to follow in the next few days.

But, frankly, none of those things has required a ton of active mental energy from me, so it’s not like they were incredibly challenging or anything.

I guess I’ll just have to suck it up, eject the cat from my lap, find some energy, and make a to-do list for the next 2 days:

  1. Edit the CQ manuscript and return it to the author.
  2. Catch up on Supergirl, since I’ve only watched the first episode and I need to see if my predictions were correct.
  3. Nap.
  4. Try to move along on Wardens, my own piece, and maybe jot down some of the other story ideas that keep jumping into my head.

Ok, I’m out. I’ll let the cat stay for another minute, then I must get going.

I hope your holiday weekend has been more productive than mine.


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