(very) Early morning thoughts on humanity.

I put this on Facebook this morning, but thought I’d share it here, as well. Read it all before commenting, and remember to share and like, as appropriate:


All these calls to “get rid” of guns. How, exactly, do people propose to “get” all the guns? Fuck me, people. The gun has been around for hundreds of year; it’s not going away. Even if you magically got rid of every AR-15 and AK-47-style weapon on the planet simply by saying “please,” that genie is out of the bottle. Tomorrow, a factory somewhere will produce more, and the cycle will begin again.

Much like the push to “destroy” all nuclear weapons, which is a much more laudable goal, btw, it’s simply not going to happen. It’s too late. When backward countries can develop their own nuclear weapons, we are past the point of no return. The nuclear genie is out of the bottle, and there is no putting it back.

So, too, is the gun genie. All these calls to ban guns based on the notion that criminals will simply obey new laws when they have expressly ignored existing laws is, quite simply: insane.

It is a tragedy that so many people die from guns, whether from such high-profile attacks as those in Paris and San Bernardino, or whether it happens quietly, in the privacy of their own homes, where they sit, sunk in the morass of depression or desperation: perhaps having lost their families, their jobs, and even their hope that the sun might rise on a better day tomorrow.

It is a tragedy that the human life, independent of sex, race, religion, sports-team affiliation, or any other arbitrary factor, is not valued enough to protect. Humanity has, instead, spent it’s hundred-thousand-plus year existence on this planet finding new and inventive ways to kill itself.

From conception to senility, humanity sanctions the killing of its own with disregard for the value of that life, again and again, then is surprised when someone acts on that devaluation outside of “accepted” avenues of such action.

America (and by extension: the world) does not have a gun problem. It has what it (and the world) has always had, from the beginning of time: a human being problem.


5 thoughts on “(very) Early morning thoughts on humanity.

    1. I can understand the sentiment, but that’s the point: the gun is not the problem. The % of guns used like this is miniscule compared to anything. Cars, knives, fists, hammers…. A gun is a tool, nothing more. How people choose to use that tool is the problem. And if that tool isn’t available, they’ll find another.


      1. Guns kill quicker than say fists do. If a person didn’t have a gun, what are the chances they’d resort to using their fists? The US has more guns per capita than Canada and it shows in crime per capita too (not just gun-related).


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