Adam Baldwin: Immortal?

Adam Baldwin

Slightly misleading title, perhaps, but the question is this:

Do any of the characters that Adam Baldwin play ever die? I asked myself recently, after seeing a commercial for Legend, featuring Sean Bean.

Sean Bean

You know: Sean “always winds up dead” Bean.

So I started thinking, casually, after catching sight of Adam Baldwin on another channel: does he ever die? Is he some sort of “anti-Sean Bean?”

Started with the biggies: Firefly: nope (in fact, probably the only one that might have survived the Reaver attacks in Serenity); The Last Ship: nope, at least not as far as I can tell; Chuck: nope; Full Metal Jacket: please, as if Animal Mother could ever die; Independence Day: nope.

So, I dug a little deeper. Turns out that there is a great site out there to research stuff like this: Cinemorgue.

You can search by actor to see where and how they’ve died by project.

It turns out that Adam Baldwin has died on camera, but never in a major film or TV show (by my reckoning, at any rate). He’s died in some video games and animated projects as well, but I don’t think those count. I mean, that’s not Adam Baldwin, that’s just some animators version of Adam Baldwin, like some cheap photo-copy of the real deal.

So, I think that I’ll go out on a limb and say that, while not immortal, Adam Baldwin could certainly be considered a possible anti-Sean Bean. I mean, not even Sean Bean dies in every role he plays. More importantly, even when he dies (which is, seemingly at any rate, always) his death is almost certainly a pivotal plot point or character development spark for the film. I mean to say that his deaths normally have meaning, as opposed to being senseless, plot-irrelevant ones.

Whereas, so long as Adam Baldwin is alive on-screen, you know that life is going to remain interesting.

Anyway, that’s the random, Sunday-morning thought for this week.

See you around the shadow.



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