Apologies, shadow-dwellers

My apologies, everyone. I realize that it has been 6 days since my last post. That is entirely too long to go without putting something out there into the wide universe.

I will be correcting that in the next day or so with a few posts, with working titles that will include:

  1. Where the hell have you been, mister? Don’t you know your mother and I have been worried sick? You could have been dead in a ditch.
  2. When the hell did my to-do list get so damned long?
  3. What is this Game of Thrones of which you speak?
  4. If only there was a magical place where you could go and buy games and comics, all in one convenient location. A fantasy, to be sure.

Please don’t hold me to any of those titles. They are likely to change to something that are a bit more succinct, but perhaps less accurately descriptive than those.

Hang in there, folks. The Shadow is here.

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