What’s been going on in the life of the Shadow.

Well, as promised, the Shadow is going to begin playing catch-up in here. Most of December and January has been packed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens discussion and updates about Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX event in March.

Yes, these are good things to talk about, to be sure, but there needs to be more. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in a movie review (that wasn’t Star Wars) for 13 Hours (great film) to help even that out a little bit.

Aside from those pop-culture tidbits, however, I was also dealing with some other, not work-related, stuff.

Some of you who have been hanging around the shadow for awhile might remember a couple years ago when I had to fly to Texas to visit my mother in the hospital. If you don’t, that’s okay; what’s important is that the fact that I went at all was because my family called and said “you need to come down,” which is as alarmist as we get. I went down in the summer, she improved, but only a couple months later, on October 1st (government shutdown/furlough day), my brothers let me know that she died at home in her sleep.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when my brothers brought me up to speed on my father’s medical condition. He had Afib (not caused by a heart valve problem, see your doctor for details), and was going to be given a procedure called cardiac ablation, which is supposed to ablate (read: kill) tissue in the heart that is causing the fibrillation. The procedure was schedule for this past Thursday (2 full months after deciding it needed to be done: yay, healthcare!), and again, the fact that I was asked to come at all was an indicator of how seriously my brothers were taking this, given my father’s age and medical history.

Regardless, I’ve been planning (and worrying) about this trip for the last month or so, and flew down into Dallas at midnight on Wednesday, was there for the procedure, stayed through Friday (when he was supposed to be released), and flew out for home at 6 am Saturday morning.

Thankfully, the doctor said that the procedure went well and that a normal rhythm had been re-established, but dad’s discharge was delayed by a day because of doctor stuff, requiring my little brother to stay an extra day in Dallas, followed by the 4-hour drive back home, with a later-than-desired arrival on Saturday night.

I guess the important thing here is that the procedure went well, and dad is home.

But, in the back of my mind is that little fear that all-too-soon I’ll get another call from my brothers with more bad news, just like with mom.

I hope not, so at least for now I can get back to my regular life and do the things I need to do, not least of which is keep up with this blog.

Thanks for the patience, everybody.


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