Geek nirvana.

While I was down in Dallas for my dad’s heart procedure, there wasn’t a ton of things to do besides that age-old hospital game called “wait.”

For those of you who’ve never played it before, let me assure you that it is just as exciting as it sounds.

So, while we waited for dad to move from the procedure (apparently calling them operations is on the outs?) room to recovery (and back to the procedure room while they tried to figure out what they were doing) and then waking up from the anesthesia, my little brother decided that I needed to see this “awesome” game and comic book store called “Madness Comics and Games.”

I must admit, I haven’t been in a store like this in a few years, mostly because of time and money, but I’m still a geek at heart, so I was game (see what I did there?).


First, this place has a ton of square-footage. This means that there is plenty of room for comics, graphic novels, swag, and novelties of all persuasions. Then there is the section for games.

Wow, part 2.

I literally had no idea there were that many games. Board games, collectible card games… A truly ridiculous amount.

What’s even more impressive is that, for all of the room dedicated to comics and games, nearly half of the floor space in the store is tables that have been set up for people to play games.

Half of the store is configured not for income, but for play.

Think about that.

Sure you can argue that people are going to buy things while they’re playing to expand their games or whatnot, but really, would that be enough to offset the potential income from expanded inventory availability?

Gamers are awesome, and so is “Madness.”

Next time I’m in Dallas, I hope I have time to swing by again.


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