“Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” – 27 January 2016

The wife and I went to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (better known as the titular pair of stoner slackers from Kevin Smith’s movies) at Wiseguys Comedy last night.

I wasn’t real sure about the format, but Kevin has long been on my list of people to see, so I went. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him, or interview him for the shadow, but judging by the content of the show, he’s been pretty damned busy up here with the Sundance Film Festival and his new movie, Yoga Hosers.

Anyway, so the event turned out to be a taping of their podcast, “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old,” which Smith describes as an “interventional podcast” to help keep Mewes on the straight and narrow, as he has now been clean and sober for over five-and-a-half years.

Good job, Jason. Keep it up.

Oh, and your daughter is going to screw you over for the rest of your life. In a good way. My own daughter is now 21, and I promise you that, as yours gets older, you are going to want to alternately protect her, kill her, love her, punch her in the throat, and then hug her.

Sometimes in the same five minutes.

Where was I? Oh, yes: the show.

Just over an hour, it was entertaining to watch these two old friends bicker like the old hetero-life-mates they are, constantly interrupting one another, speaking in shorthand, and generally loving life.

After a reading from one of Jason’s old rehab journals, the two of them got into a bit of a discussion about whether or not he had used a word correctly. I jumped in and just said “It’s wrong.”

Kevin laughed and joked that now he was going to find Jason dead with a needle in his arm because his literary dreams had been crushed.

To clarify: “inconsequently” is a real word, but Jay used it incorrectly; but he was close, so good on him.

We were also treated to a couple rough-cut clips of Kevin’s new TV project, Hollyweed (not surprisingly, it’s about pot), and the audience was very reactive and supportive.
As a fan, I saw a lot of potential in Hollyweed, but the author and editor in me was like, “why did you do that?” “Why did you handle this that way?” “That’s a bit cliché, isn’t it?”

Man, I just can’t turn that function of my brain off, sometimes.

Regardless, Kevin has high hopes (no pun intended) for the show getting picked up, so I’ll keep an eye on his twitter feed to see what comes of it.

I was a bit surprised (not by the content, but by the fact I had no idea such a thing was going to happen) by the finale of the show, which was a game called “Let us fuck,” in which three audience members got to go up on stage and take turns having simulated sex with Jason Mewes, based on the name of a fictional (-ish) sexual position.

All three of our participants did great, with a couple of them really seeming to enjoy themselves up there. Maybe a little too much. Not sure what that says about anything in particular, but there you go.

All in all, it was a very good night. The wife laughed just as hard as I did.

Unfortunately, Kevin had to run immediately following the show to drive back up to Park City to introduce his daughter at a late showing of Yoga Hosers.

I’m still bummed that I couldn’t get tickets to any of the screenings for it, but hopefully it will wind up on Netflix or be available to buy on Kevin’s website at some point.

So, thanks for coming Kevin and Jason. Hope to see you again soon.

As for the rest of you? See you all around the shadow.


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