Wizard Con Las Vegas update – 28 January 2016

Okay, so it is now sub-60 days to both my “home” comic con event, FanX, in Salt Lake and the WizardCon event in Las Vegas.

I finally made hotel reservations for Vegas. To save a little money, I won’t be staying in the “official” hotel of the event. Instead, I have chosen a different property that I know well that is slightly less expensive, but I won’t announce to the world which one it is. Suffice it to say, it’s only a very short car or cab ride to the convention center (I could walk it if I was feeling frisky), and they have an outstanding (and affordable) buffet.

That leaves me more $$ for both Wizard and FanX. Pretty smart, I’d say.

Anyway, the list of guests for Wizard Con still contains quite a few folks I’d like to see, from perennial fan-favorite (and new mom) Jewel Staite, to Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge of Marvel’s Agenst of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sadly, David Prowse had to cancel his appearance, which sucks. I hate that he is still sort of an afterthought in the Star Wars/Convention scene. He’s freaking Darth Vader, for the Emperor’s sake. But, he had to cancel because of a scheduling conflict, so hopefully he’s having fun wherever he’s at that weekend.

The panel programming or Wizard isn’t up yet. In fact, it looks as though one could still submit a panel and get it approved. I’ll have to remember that and try to organize a panel for another event. The topic? “Everyone has a Fandom (no matter how much you think you don’t).”

I still have faith that Dan and Bryan over at Salt Lake Comic Con will soon be announcing the additions of Matt Smith and/or Karen Gillan to further engorge the fandom that is the Whovians. While not a rabid fan of the new series, I think it’s kind of cool when an event can get a large representation of celebrities for one fanbase and get a kind of theme going.

As long as it doesn’t get repetitive, **cough, cough, Power Rangers **cough, cough**, excuse me; I got something caught in my throat there for a second.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to both the events, and expect to see nothing but smiles on every face I see.

See you around the shadow.


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