Parking garage etiquette.

This should be a short post, but one I feel needs to be written. Too many innocent souls are being harmed for me to remain silent any longer.

When you park in a garage (or even a large lot), such as at a mall or other mass automotive-storage area, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

  1. With the exception of certain times, it costs money to park in these areas. Please plan accordingly.
  2. There will be times when traffic lanes merge with one another in order to exit. Please utilize the one, one, one, method of integrating cross traffic during these times.
  3. See number 1, above. Please, for the love of God, prepare your payment method (cash/credit card/parking validation) BEFORE leaving your parking spot and have it ready when you reach the attendant/machine/robot-overlord manning the exit barrier. Not only will this facilitate your own exit and free you to go about your business, it will prevent those of us behind you from being delayed while you scrounge for loose change and/or try to cajole your way out of paying. It will also keep those of us behind you from hunting you down and setting fire to your car, since you’re obviously too stupid to own one.
  4. Watch for pedestrians crossing in front of the exit lanes. A vehicular manslaughter charge wouldn’t help your social life much, would it?

So, thanks for listening. I hope that by following these few, simple rules, we can all have a more pleasant parking experience at our venue/event of choice.


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