Be careful what you wish for.

My aspirations as a writer (in any format) are no secret. I started writing stories, then I started My Own Little Shadow, then I picked up some freelance editing work for Curiosity Quills Press. Then, through some connections, I got the opportunity to write up a few episode treatments for a children’s show.

Obviously some of these things have panned out farther than others, but they have all taught me something.

Be careful what you wish for. Currently, I am on the hook as the editor on two novel-length manuscripts (yay, Money!), I have committed to writing a short piece (with a fairly short deadline) for an anthology (yay, publication!), have jumped on board as a co-writer/editor for a fantasy book/series that is just getting up and running (yay, both of the above?!), and I would LOVE to write up some fan-fiction to enter in Alan Tudyk’s contest on his “Con Man” website (yay, Alan Tudyk! But that also with a ridiculously short turn-around).

While some writers I know would call such a load “Tuesday,” I would like to remind everyone playing along at home that this is not my day job.

I work full-time already, which means that the rest of this just gets squeezed in where it can be in the fragmented hours that remain each day. Of late, I’ve tried to be more meticulous in allocating those time fragments so that I can do all of this wonderful stuff that I love to do.

But sometimes, it all feels like the monkey paw just twisted, and I’m getting my wish.

So again: be careful what you wish for.


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