Phoenix Comicon 2016 – Guest Announcement, 15 Feb

For those of us within driving distance of Phoenix, here’s a first slate of guests for the upcoming Phoenix Comicon:

Phoenix Comicon is Rolling Out Guest Announcements

and They’re Not Pulling Any Punches!

Phoenix – Right out of the gate, Phoenix Comicon’s diverse guest list shows you that this event will have something for everyone. From the who’s who of Doctor Who to the most super of Supernatural, this is not an event that you can afford to miss.

Do you like rivers? How about songs? How about both! River Song, or Alex Kingston in the non-Whoniverse, will be a part of Phoenix Comicon 2016! In addition to her large contribution to Doctor Who, Alex is well known for her roles on ER and hit comic show ‘Arrow’!

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. “We want to bring media guests who appeal to multiple fandoms, as well as popular comic book artists”, says Phoenix Comicon Marketing Director, Jillian Squires. This statement is heartily confirmed with the stellar guests that have already been announced.

These guests include:
The aforementioned actress, Alex Kingston of Doctor Who fame.
Actor Graham McTavish, “Dwalin” from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
Actress Eve Miles “Gwen Cooper”, Torchwood.
Jae Lee, award winning artist of the Dark Tower, Inhumans, Batman/Superman, and more.
Chad Hardin, comic artist and current illustrator of DC’s Harley Quinn.
Actor Kane Hodder, “Jason Voorhees” in multiple Friday the 13th films.
Comic book legend, Marv Wolfman, known for The New Teen Titans, Blade, and many more.
Actor Timothy Omundson from Supernatural, Galavant, and Psych.

Festivities kick off Thursday afternoon June 2nd and continue throughout the weekend. In addition to the guest talent that Phoenix Comicon brings, you will find the best exhibitors, programming, and FUN this side of the Rio Grande!

Full event passes are on sale NOW for only $60, with Sidekick badges (kids 3-12 years of age) available for only $5!


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