Oh, Salt Lake Comic Con, how you taunt me.

I just got an email from the friendly folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con reminding me to complete my application for press credentials by the 29th.

Oh, cruel jest!

My Own Little Shadow isn’t big enough to meet the new standards. Yet I find that I am taunted by the idea of applying, but know that I will simply be told “no.”

Though the shadow continues to grow, it does so slowly, and only thanks to you all continuing to share it with your friends when you read something here you enjoy.

Fear not, however; I will still be attending the upcoming FanX, as I have for the last 5 Salt Lake Comic Con events (but as a fanboy, not press), and I will continue to cover the other great events I attend (perhaps with press credentials), like Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, and the upcoming Wizard Con in Las Vegas (and perhaps other, as well).

I will also continue to provide reviews (hopefully useful ones) of movies that I am fortunate enough to get to see ahead of time, as well, to help you decide whether to spend your hard earned money on them or not.

But know that I bear no malice for the folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con. Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg have both been very kind to me over the last few years and I appreciate it greatly. They have a job to do and standards they must hold to, and right now, that leaves me out.

Perhaps, with your help, the shadow will grow to the point where press credentials can once again be gotten for this event (and perhaps larger ones, as well), and my exuberant coverage can continue as a member of the press once more.


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