Phoenix Comicon 2016 – Guest Announcement, 2 March

Phoenix Comicon Combines the Old School and the New!

Phoenix Comicon 2016

Be you a ‘6 Million Dollar Man’ or a ‘Bionic Woman’, Phoenix Comicon will shoot an ‘Arrow’ through your heart in 2016!

Phoenix – In a world filled with timeless fandoms ranging from science fiction to superheroes, Phoenix Comicon makes sure to have something for everyone. This is very apparent in newly announced guests Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, and David Ramsey!

Lee Majors’ performances have had a big impact on television over the years. He played “major” roles on ‘The Big Valley’, ‘The Fall Guy’ and ‘Raven’, but it was his starring role as Steve Austin on the overwhelmingly popular ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ that made Lee an American cultural icon.

Emmy Award-winning Lindsay Wagner starred in the critically acclaimed motion picture, ‘The Paper Chase’ but her calling was in continuing her work in television. She starred alongside Lee Majors in ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ before cementing her place in history as ‘The Bionic Woman’.

Bringing things back around to the current generation of TV programming is actor David Ramsey! David is best known for his work on hit television series ‘Dexter’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Arrow’!

“Our attendees, in addition to having a broad spectrum of interests, also cover a large age range. We want our vendors, programming, and guests to have something to offer for just about everybody with an interest in pop culture”, says Convention Director, Matt Solberg.

Already the signature comic book event of the southwest, Phoenix Comicon 2016 is shaping up to be the best one yet!

A Full Event badge is good for all four days of the convention, June 2-5, 2016. Pricing for the Full Event badge goes up the closer we get to the event. Quantities of Full Event badges are limited.

Full event passes are on sale for $60 until April 30th, with Sidekick badges (kids 3-12 years of age) available for only $5 through the event!

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