Another Comic Con Lawsuit… Welcome to the club, Space City Comic Con

[Editor’s note: Sorry this took so long. Life and things, you know? Enjoy, Like, Share, and Comment]

So, apparently, this is a thing:

(Oh, and by the way, Houston Chronicle, it’s “Spock Vegas,” not “Spock Vega“: He’s based in Las Vegas, not outer space.)

I know, right? Certainly, this couldn’t be about money or anything. I mean, just because the Houston convention bureau owns half of the (I’m sure) equally awesome and fan-supported Comicpalooza event couldn’t have anything to do with them suing Space City Comic Con? Could it?

Of course not.

It is clearly, as the convention bureau asserts, merely an attempt to protect their trademark on the words “Space City.”

Yeah. Dudes, look: I spend my days and con dollars in Salt Lake City (mostly) these days, and I think we all know exactly what is going on here. As the victims of some rampaging legal shenanigans ourselves (see HERE, and HERE (by the way, I’m really proud of this particular post now that I re-read it, so pay extra attention to it), and maybe HERE, and more, but you get the point) over some totally sketchy assertions, I completely feel your pain, Space City Comic Con. I really do.

I feel like I should just use those words every time I reference you, Space City Comic Con, just to drive the point home. I mean, who is really going to associate the words Space City Comic Con with the convention bureau? Certainly not me. I thought the government was supposed to encourage business to come in, not buy businesses and run them. (Houston has a liberal Democrat mayor, right? Just saying, it might explain that phenomenon.)

I mean, if the business needs the government to buy into it, doesn’t that mean it’s not pulling its own weight or something like that? I’m sure there’s an economic theory that would explain that somehow.

Regardless, if Space City Comic Con is doing enough business and bringing in tourism and tax dollars, shouldn’t the city government simply shut up and say “thanks?”

But I could be wrong…

Keep on, keeping on, Space City Comic Con. You’re obviously doing something right, because the fans are supporting it, and they’re way more important than the stupid convention bureau.

Oh, and if you want an extremely loud and opinionated guest to do a panel about this, give me a call.

I work cheap.


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