Historic Salt Lake Comic Con / FanX Announcement – 14 March 2016

Yesterday, Bryan Brandenburg and Dan Farr made a huge announcement concerning the future of Salt Lake Comic Con, specifically, its FanXperience (FanX) brand.


From Businesswire.com:

Today Salt Lake Comic Con and POP Life Entertainment announced a global partnership for pop culture events, social media fan channels and merchandise. The deal will broaden FanXperience’s reach in the United States and now will expand into Greater China and Southeast Asia. Additionally, POP Life will continue to participate in both Utah-based Salt Lake Comic Con events with their traveling exhibitions, talent and exclusive product offerings.

Under the terms of the groundbreaking deal, POP Life Entertainment will develop and manufacture pop culture merchandise, while Salt Lake Comic Con organizers will considerably strengthen their imprint outside the United States, immediately establishing a prominent worldwide foothold in pop culture merchandise, social media fan channels and fan events.


This means that Salt Lake Comic Con will now host events both in Salt Lake City and overseas, with the first three international events taking place in the Philippines (June 10-12), China (September 14-17), and Thailand (December 9-11) in 2016, in addition to the already scheduled events in Salt Lake City this month and in September.

From a marketing standpoint, SLCC has been granted exclusive merchandise rights on most Pop Life merchandise, making SLCC the first comic con organizer to be involved in all aspects of their events: marketing, manufacturing, and merchandizing.

From an international standpoint, the pop-culture horizons SLCC will be working with will be greatly expanded, based on the location of their various events, which may end up influencing events back home.

It is currently unknown how this development will affect/was affected by the ongoing lawsuit filed last year by Comic-Con International over trademark infringement of the words “comic con,” but clearly, Bryan and Dan have no problems expanding their own unique FanX brand.

[Editor’s note: I can’t help but notice that Comic-Con “International”’s website doesn’t seem to show any international events… interesting.]

I’m sure we’ll get more details as to how the logistics of all this will play out and affect our local events, but a partnership of this magnitude is certainly indicative of the strength of the brand, despite its relative youth.

Nice work, fellas!


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