Life update, 17 March 2016

This update has nothing to do with Comic Cons, or Movies, or any of the other subjects I try to handle in a pithy manner here in the shadow.

Nope. This one’s about me.

As I have reported here before, most recently HERE, I have been having trouble hearing in my right ear since last August. Finally saw the uber-doctor at the VA today about it… and his findings/recommendations are the same as all that have come before.

Conductive Hearing Loss. Otosclerosis.


95% chance of full hearing (yay!).

4-5% chance of no change (boo!).

<1% chance total hearing loss (uh oh!).

This August, I go under the knife. Sure, it’s only an hour or two of outpatient work, and he seems completely nonchalant about it, which makes me feel good. He’s not just a VA surgeon, but one of the best in the Utah health community, which makes me feel even better.

So, barring a major disaster, by the middle of August, “huh?” might be thrown out of my lexicon.

Unless I’m watching sports or just not paying attention.

I’m still a man, you know. We do that.

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