Wizard Con Las Vegas, Day 3

For complete coverage, see HERE and HERE.

Okay, just to get it out of the way, I didn’t stay for day 3. Not because I don’t love Las Vegas, or comic cons, or anything like that, but frankly, I’d seen everything I needed to see while I was there. I’d walked the floor a couple dozen times each of the two days I was there, seen the panels I wanted to see, and bought just enough swag to make packing a challenge.

But that was it. The Las Vegas event is, in it’s current form, so small that I couldn’t justify spending another day when I was looking at a six-and-a-half hour drive home.

I just couldn’t do it.

Not that I didn’t enjoy the photo ops, or the autographs, or the panels by the Agents of SHIELD, Jewel Staite, and Michael Rooker. (Posts with video to follow.)

Heck no! I enjoyed them all. I enjoy them every time.

But then I was done… I was just… done.

I don’t know how I feel about that, really.

I wonder if celebrities feel that way after a while? Does the convention scene just get old? Lots of art (great!), cool gadgets, toys, and memorabilia, and lots of cosplayers.

All great stuff, but all stuff I’m sure they’ve seen countless time.

I wonder if that’s why Rooker runs his panels he way he does? Just to keep it fresh?

I don’t know. Maybe a bigger Wizard Con next time?

That’s it! Come on, Wizard, hook me up during a west coast area event like Portland or Sacramento, or maybe someplace cool like New Orleans or Nashville. Give me a taste of the full-blown Wizard Con experience. Let me see the best you’ve got to offer the fans.

But right now, Las Vegas isn’t it.

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