FanX16 Day 1

Just some quick notes about day 1 of FanX 2016.

First, let me say that the movement of the photo ops off the floor and into the conference room areas was brilliant. It frees up floor space for vendors, autographs, and food, and makes the photo op area a little quieter.

[Editor’s note: during our Buzz Aldrin photo, there was an “eyes closed” incident, and the Epic Photo Op guys were great in running us back to the booth through the super-secret celeb tunnels for a re-take.]

There were some (quite a few, actually) communication issues leading up to the Buzz Aldrin panel regarding where the various pricing tiers were supposed to line up, and while everyone got in, I’m not sure the volunteers ever really knew how it was supposed to work, as the fans were kind of taking it upon ourselves to be neat and orderly, and we didn’t have any problems policing ourselves….

Also, there may have been some communication issues concerning those who were supposed to get Buzz’s book and autograph, because I know of at least one person who was supposed to get them who was told the books weren’t there, when they clearly were. I hope he gets what he paid all that money for.

Back to the vendor floor. There certainly feels like there is more room than last time, and I hope that’s not just because there are fewer people in attendance than for the fall events. Didn’t have a ton of time to run the floor on day one because we didn’t want to put any of our Buzz Aldrin stuff in jeopardy. Today, though, I’ll do some actual floor scouting.

On to day 2!

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