A quick word on a couple of FanX 2016 guests.

Somebody posted on facebook last night that a couple of our FanX guests seemed to be underappreciated at the show. I was surprised. While I can’t make everyone march over to their tables, I can offer this:

Very quickly, let me send some love out to Charlotte Ross and Paul Blackthorne from the CW’s Arrow. They are currently appearing in Salt Lake City at FanX.

I love Arrow. I think it’s been really superb since it found its feet late in season 1 (as I’ve discussed elsewhere here). I think Paul Blackthorne is great as the adversarial/reluctantly cooperative police captain working against/for the Arrow, and I think that Charlotte Ross is equally adept at keeping Felicity grounded, despite her own, somewhat unusual, lifestyle choices.

Despite my love for the show, I’ve been reluctant to stop by their tables for a simple reason: I don’t necessarily have the money to give them that they deserve. I made some other… project choices… that require my cash this time, and so haven’t been able to spread the love as I might normally have done. I certainly don’t want to waste their precious earning hours by simply going up and talking to them while others wait for pics and autographs.

So this seems like the easiest way to thank them for coming out to Salt Lake City. I hope they enjoy themselves enough to come to future events here, because they’re a great pair of folks.

I hope they read this and know that I, along with so many others, appreciate their work, and the fact that they came all the way out to Salt Lake to spend the weekend with us.

Maybe I will stop by and at least say hi. They deserve AT LEAST that, without question.

See you on the floor today!


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