Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

So, having already announced the dates for this fall’s 4th Annual Salt Lake Comic Con event, organizer Bryan Brandenburg has announced that there will be an announcement of the first guest today at Noon, MST.

Today, however, is April 1st.

Naturally, fans are concerned that this might be a joke announcement, while others are allowing Bryan some wiggle room, as previous guest Ian Somerhalder was announced last year on April Fool’s Day.

With all of the teasing leading up to previous events concerning a certain Billionaire, Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist who has, of yet, failed to appear, people are understandably nervous.

Will this be a real announcement?

Is it a prank?

If it’s real, how BIG an announcement could it be? Fan wishes and guesses are flying left and right.

I offered that a truly big announcement would be the great Stan Lee coming to “the greatest comic con in the world” as his last, final, con appearance.

That would be BIG announcement.

Check back at Noon to see which way this goes. Will Bryan Brandenburg be the hero, or will he need to be on the lookout for villagers with pitchforks?


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