Avatar Sequels!

James Cameron has announced that there will be FOUR sequels to the blockbuster hit, Avatar, not the previously announced three. Details of his comments at CinemaCon can be found here:


avatar poster

In related news, I can reveal, based on information from a highly placed source within the Cameron camp, the general storylines they are working on fleshing out for EACH of the sequels, so you can all start geeking out now:

Avatar 2: A human/Na’vi hybrid Avatar is infected by a parasitic organism in a previously unexplored portion of Pandora, causing its already altered genetic structure to mutate into a hyper-aggressive killing machine. As it silently moves through the Na’vi settlements, it kills them one by one, until they are forced to begin a systematic hunt throughout the forests to find it, only to lose several dozen more of their kind, until the being is finally ejected into space after being lured into an escape vessel and launched from Pandora.

Avatar 3: A ship carrying both humans and Na’vi on a voyage to a peace conference is struck by a meteor, disabling the ship and killing most of the passengers. A Na’vi male, who has fallen in love with a human woman during the voyage, is forced to sacrifice himself in order to preserve a life-pod’s oxygen for her to survive.

Avatar 4: The woman from Avatar 3, Daisy, takes a return trip to Pandora, the home world her soul mate. While in her sleep pod, she dreams of the Na’vi she lost. She awakens as the vessel approaches a planet that is not Pandora, where she encounters her lost love, despite the fact he is dead. What follows is meditation on life, love, and eternity, as they attempt to decide what is real and what is not, and whether or not it matters.

Avatar 5: One Hundred years in the future, humans, desperate to reclaim what they lost on Pandora (Unobtainium), send a killing machine, encased in the living flesh of a Na’vi warrior, back in time to kill Jake Sully, thus preventing the Na’vi uprising and allowing humanity to conquer Pandora. It mistakenly kills Jake’s twin brother, forcing Jake into the Avatar program, creating the very future the humans were trying to avoid!

What do you guys think? They all sound like cinematic gold to me!


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