The DC Expanded Universe – A Train in Danger of Flying Off the Tracks?


I originally put a version of this post up at MoviePilot, HERE, but seeing as how it’ll likely get more exposure here, I decided to share it with you all.




Now that the controversy surrounding Batman vs Superman is beginning to die down (but is no means settled), we can all take a deep breath and look ahead at the next FIVE upcoming movies from DC Extended Universe in a series of posts I’ll call “DC’s (Rocky) Road Ahead.”


These posts will record for all posterity, or for the wastebin, how I think these movies will go down as things stand RIGHT NOW. Obviously, a lot can change over a year or two in Hollywood, so with an actor change here, a script re-write there, a director departure due to “creative differences” over there… well, that could change all of this.

But, to begin, in this post, we’ll look at the first up in the sequence: Suicide Squad.


With an ensemble cast even larger than the more-hyped Justice League films to come, Suicide Squad is perhaps the lynchpin of the DCEU effort.

Wait? Wasn’t that supposed to have been Batman vs Superman? Yes, it was, but box office aside, it seems to have fallen short of allaying non-fanboy fears about the viability of the DCEU.

Which brings us back to Suicide Squad.

Here’s how I think this is going to shake out at the box office: Suicide Squad is going to open big. I mean, pushing BvS big. I think the re-shoots and subsequent PR push by DC is going to pay dividends with the fans, and maybe even the critics. I’ll bet it comes out at about a 75-80% critics rating.

Yeah, incredibly, I think it’ll be that much improved.

Why do I think that? Two reasons:

First: it couldn’t really come off worse than BvS for the critics. It’s got the talent and a director (David Ayers) who’s used to doing action pieces. And I mean conventional action pieces (Fury, Training Day, The Fast and the Furious, S.W.A.T.), which is exactly what SS is going to need. There’s no Superman, no ultra-powered villains, no city-wide destruction, just fights and chases and explosions (of the conventional kind). A much better—and accessible—formula for fans at the box-office right now, especially after the large-scale pummelings DC dished out in MoS and BvS.

Second, and more important: Suicide Squad simply has to do better. Be better. Perform better than BvS. There is no fallback position if it doesn’t. DC simply cannot allow Suicide Squad to fail, even if that were to mean that Christopher Nolan has to be drafted to direct some of the re-shoots and then be forced at gunpoint to hang around in the editing bay to make sure it’s all cut properly.

I’m not saying that Nolan will do that; I’m saying that, if it needs to happen, DC will make it happen.

Otherwise, it’s a long wait till 2017 and the stand-alone Wonder Woman film. How long do you think it would it take DC to shelve or completely revamp/reshoot that movie in the face of a disastrous Suicide Squad release?

Faster than the Flash through a tear in the time-space continuum.


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