Phoenix Comic Con Update – Guests Galore!

Phoenix Comic Con keeps adding great guest for fandoms of all kinds!

Phoenix Comicon 2016

They’ve added Glenn Morshower (of every TV show and movie ever, apparently, including Supergirl on CBS), Dan Starkley and Neve McIntosh for the Whovians, and Caitlin Glass for you Anime fans!

And if that wasn’t enough, they just added Oded Fehr (Resident Evil and The Mummy), Karan Ashley and David J. Fielding for all the Power Ranger fans out there, and last but certainly not least: Robert Betran and Gates McFadden of Star Trek’s Voyager and The Next Generation, respectively.

Some very cool additions to what continues to shape up as an incredibly cool event!

Stay tuned, I’m sure they have more names to announce!

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