Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Ticket Sales – Wow!

In case you missed it, tickets for this September’s Salt Lake Comic Con went on sale 2 days ago.


In the first 24 hours, they sold over 15,000 tickets.

15,000 in 24 hours. That’s… a lot.

Co-founder Bryan Brandenburg had this to say:


We do have the best fans in the world. We launched our 7th comic con event on April 20, 2016. Within 24 hours we had sold more than 15,000 tickets. This doesn’t match San Diego Comic-Con International that sells out within an hour after being around since 1970, but for a three year old convention in one of the smallest metro areas in the country it’s huge. 

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 which will be held over Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3, 2016, is on track to maintaining it’s position as the #3 comic con in the country.

No matter how you judge these things, that’s impressive.

If you’re thinking about going, stop thinking and start buying. The first announcement of guest for the event is slated for early May, and judging from past years, Dan Farr and Bryan will drop a big name or two in that group, and then there will be a run on tickets again.

We Salt Lake City folks are a rabid lot, to be sure.

Don’t wait. He who hesitates is lost. Or maybe doesn’t get a VIP pass they were thinking about buying.


Comment, Like, and Share with your friends. Let’s see if we can get My Own Little Shadow’s numbers up to the level where a press pass is possible this time! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, as well, @MWWoodring.

Comic Con on, folks!


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