I should have posted sooner, but…

Seriously? I should have posted about this whole dust-up about the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control fining Brewvie’s for serving beer while showing Deadpool before now. Long before now.

I mean, I should have come in on the day it hit the press, made my typical snide comments about it and moved on. But I didn’t have the time, what with working and all, and so I didn’t get to it.

But, really, what more needs to be said? Everyone knows that despite annual revamping of Utah’s alcohol laws to try to look less like a stick in the mud for tourism purposes, we still come off looking like completely over-the-top, moralistically superior pricks that pass laws that make no sense.

Even Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, commented on twitter about the situation. I think he should come to Salt Lake Comic Con in September, screen of a couple scenes from Deadpool 2: Electric Boogaloo (copyright: ME, though I will consider licensing it to you, RR), while we all have a beer.

That will show them how silly this is.

And speaking of laws that make no sense, isn’t that an observation from some smart person in history, that the average person commits three or more crimes a day, simply because there are that many stupid freaking laws? You get my point.

And what brain trust decided that giving a liquor license to a bar that shows movies was NOT going to end up in a situation like this?

I stand with Brewvie’s. Stupidest fine ever for the stupidest law ever.

So remember, kids, whenever you think government can’t get any stupider, remember not to drink and Deadpool.


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