For the last time… (?)

I cannot believe that I am up at 4 o’clock writing this.

This may very well be the last time I post anything about Star Trek in any form: Beyond, Axanar, Continues, whatever.


I’ll tell you why. It seems that I can’t even express an opinion about the PR implications of Paramount/CBS’ lawsuit against Alex Peters and Axanar Productions without the rabid dogs coming in and trying to turn it into a battle between Catholics and Protestants.

Is this canon?

Is this canon?

For the record: I am not Star Trek scholar. I don’t have a Starfleet engineering degree hanging on my wall. I don’t know the deck by deck functions of each of the incarnations of the Enterprise. I don’t Cosplay a red-shirt at cons.

I’m a fan. Yes, a casual one, but a fan. But, as so often happens when you’re a fan of something, you start to pick up bits and pieces of information that you wouldn’t have necessarily cared about before. It just happens.

That being said, let’s establish a few things right now:

  1. I said that Paramount was stupid for attacking a fan-based effort that was enjoying wide support, which would only hurt their own image. I simply argued for inclusion.
  2. I did not offer a take on whether or not Alec Peters and the folks at Axanar Productions had engaged in IP theft or Copyright infringement. That’s for the courts.
  3. Arguments about what is and is not “canon” in any fandom of Star Trek’s longevity is stupid. Multiple TV shows, movies, books, comics, and video games, most (if not all) of them sanctioned by CBS/Paramount. That makes them canon. Period.
  4. Just because CBS/Paramount decides to retcon their continuity doesn’t change what has gone before. If it did, every die-hard Trekker would now have to live in a Star Trek universe consisting solely of JJ Abrams’ two films, and the Enterprise series. (btw, haters, screw you: I loved Enterprise.). You don’t get to pick and choose which retcons you accept, and trying to do so makes you a hypocrite.

Now, a lot of the vitriol about Axanar seems to exist solely because some people don’t like Alec Peters for some reason. When your legal arguments boil down to “he’s a dick,” you lose in my book. There may be legitimate legal reasons Axanar is in court, but “Alec Peters is a dick” isn’t one of them, so go work out your personal issues with him.

That’s not what I’m trying to discuss here.

As for the “canonical references only” demand for information about the Klingon-Federation war, it only took me 5 minutes on google to come up with these references from Memory Alpha to a long-standing and violent state of war (both hot and cold). Go look stuff up, but I believe that Picard’s words sum it up best: “centuries ago, disastrous contact with the Klingon Empire led to decades of war…

Clearly, war happened. As it does. Deal with it.

Peace out.





4 thoughts on “For the last time… (?)

  1. ““centuries ago, disastrous contact with the Klingon Empire led to decades of war…“”

    Picard did not say who fought the war. Was it the Romulans, the Vulcans, someone else?

    “Decades” of war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation did not happen. I’m unaware of any source, any setting, that has claimed this. Even FASA had a war between the two powers that was only four years long.

    Meanwhile, the same Memory Alpha article that you link to states that early human-Klingon clashes were seen as minor by the Klingons themselves, talks of a “Federation-Klingon Cold War” that intensified after the early 23rd century with occasional clashes, leading up to an eventual complete breakdown in relations in “Errand of Mercy”. Where, in all this, is there the space for a sustained hot war?

    Does this matter? Only to the extent that the Axanar promoters claim that they are somehow conveying real, canonical Trek. They aren’t. The Four Years War is, at best, an element in a variant Trek universe that hasn’t been actively supported since the late 1980s. One might as well turn to the Star Fleet Universe to suggest that the Tholians are extragalactic refugees.


    1. Randy, you are 100% wrong. PERIOD. We have NEVER said we are “conveying real, canonical Trek. ” and frankly, I am sick and tired of people who assign things to us we have NEVER said.

      The FACT, is that I have ALWAYS said, time and time again, that Axanar is NOT canon as only what is seen on screen, that originates with the current rights holder, is canon. Books are not canon (according to CBS), comics are not canon, and certainly fan films are not canon. CBS has said only what you see on screen from an official source is canon.

      If you actually bothered to listen to our podcasts, or read the captain’s log, you would see me say this over and over. What I HAVE said is that SOME people consider it canon (we call this “head canon”) and I am honored when I hear this.

      So, please don’t go putting words in my mouth that have no bearing on reality.



  2. Alec Peters, you have zero credibility in the fan film community. Why? Because you’re an IP thief who attempted to profit from a franchise we all love dearly. You don’t love Star Trek, you use it to benefit yourself.

    The fact that just about every fan production has distanced themselves from you speaks ***volumes***. So um, shut up and crawl back into the dank little hole you crawled out of. You’ve polluted the world enough as it is.


    1. Please take your personal dispute with Alec Peters elsewhere. I don’t mind discussion, in fact I encourage it, but if you believe he obsessively reads the comments on a blog that isn’t his, you may be missing the target.


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