“Daredevil” Season 2

** Yes, there may be spoilers, if you, like me, didn’t binge-watch all thirteen episodes the day it come out. You have been warned.**


Season One of Daredevil was, for all intents and purposes, a perfect show. Good casting, great scripts, well-paced adn plotted action, all of it topped off with the ridiculously talented Vincent D’Onofrio as the villainous Wilson Fisk.

As a quick aside here: can we just him the “Greatest Actor Ever in Any Role for Any Show” award? Seriously. Has he ever sucked? Not that I can remember.

Season Two was touted even higher than Season One, especially coming off of the also-great run of Jessica Jones. They were going to introduce Elektra and The Punisher, so how could it go wrong? Marvel was totally nailing this Netflix series thing.

Having just finished the last episode, I can safely say that Season Two was… good. Not as good as Season One, but still good.

Overall, I found Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle/The Punisher to be solid, but I felt like his story was hit or miss across the thirteen episodes. I wasn’t especially enamored of the touchy-feely Punisher, dealing with Karen, or pontificating with Daredevil on the roof. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I feel like all the thoughts and ideas were right, I just wasn’t sold on the presentation.

Frank Castle isn’t a talker. He a point-maker.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on that.

As for Elektra… well, Marvel has had a lot of “hits” with their casting for Netflix so far, but Elodie Yung never felt like Elektra to me. She just felt forced on me, like they were pointing and saying, “this is Elektra,” when I felt that this was some kind of shell game, and the real Elektra would pop in at any moment from off-screen. I just feel like she was a “miss” in this role.

So, by the time we get to The People vs Frank Castle courtroom debacle, the season really starting to feel like a let down. But then, D’Onofrio appears once more to raise the stakes of the game, bringing Castle into the prison to do his dirty work, and then, just like that–he’s gone, taking the brightest bit of the season with him.

And we lose Claire, the incredible Rosario Dawson, too? What the hell, man? Who’s going to stick Matt up now? Maybe we can spin-off “Vigilante, 9-1-1” as a show about a traveling free clinic to patch-up do-gooders who get busted up while on the job?

I did enjoy the evolution of Karen as an investigator… just not as an investigative journalist. Maybe in Season Two of Jessica Jones we’ll see her cross over on an investigation with JJ, and see how she stands up against her. she did manage to figure out who the Blacksmith was, but even that plot point felt kind of forced and, well, pointless.

It was nice to see the DA get what she had coming, though, I must admit.

Foggy moving on feels like he’s going to wind up waltzing through Season Two of Jessica Jones, as well, or maybe defending Luke Cage when his show arrives.

The “death” of Elektra and “resurrection” of Frank Castle wind up the season, except for that pesky bit of Marvel-ism, when Matt Murdock gets his Tony Stark moment (on a smaller scale, of course) when he confronts Karen with “I’m Daredevil.”

All in all, Daredevil Season Two was good. It just wasn’t as good as Season One.

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