“6 Bullets to Hell” Movie and Game release

“Do you love classic arcade shooter games? Have you ever wanted to step inside a classic epic spaghetti Western film? Do you dream about channeling your inner Clint Eastwood to defend your village and your family in the middle of the desert…? On May 10 gunslingers everywhere will have the opportunity to live out these dreams— introducing 6 BULLETS TO HELL: THE VIDEO GAME, an all new mobile game from Silver Sail Entertainment, Privateer Entertainment designed by Larry Soileau of Silver Sail and programmed by U! Creative.

6 BULLETS TO HELL: THE VIDEO GAME is based on the Award-winning spaghetti western feature film 6 Bullets To Hell from Tanner Beard and Russell Cummings. The game will be released in the Apple App store and Android Marketplace on May 10 in the U.S.”

So began the email I received from the folks behind this game. Intrigued, I inquired after some press materials, and was sent screenshots from the film and from the game, as well as a link to watch the movie on vimeo.

What did I think? Let’s get down to brass tacks, then.

Well, since the game is based on the movie, I fired up the Vimeo link and sat down for an hour and twenty minutes of “homage to spaghetti western.”

And that’s what I got. Well, I got 5-6 minutes of previews for real, period westerns, then the movie.

6BTH Movie Poster

According to the press release:

“An homage to the classic Sergio Leone type of classic films, 6 Bullets To Hell has been officially selected at a dozen top film festivals globally, which includes a win at the Almeria International Western Film Festival. 6 Bullets To Hell was shot in Tabernas, Almeria Spain on the legendary original Oasys set (aka MiniHollywood) where the iconic Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone films such as: For a Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Hannie Caulder and Doc were all filmed. 6 Bullets To Hell was also shot at the Fort Bravo Almeria set where Ringo Starr starred in Blindman. And greats such as Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance and Charles Bronson starred in epic westerns such as Death Rides a Horse and Chato’s Land. The film stars Tanner Beard, Crispian Belfrage, Russell Cummings, Ken Luckey, Magda Rodriguez, Antonio Mayans, Aaron Stielstra, Norberto Moran, and Naila Ma.”

Six Bullets to Hell is everything I was expecting: uneven dubbing, tire-tracks on the roads the horses were riding down, stereotypical cultural depictions, every gunshot is a ricochet… all built around the pretty generic “reformed-gunslinger-goes-back-to-his-old-ways-to-avenge-his-raped-and-murdered-pregnant-wife” plot.

Crispian Belfrage plays our hero, Billy Rogers:

6BTH Movie Crispian Belfrage

and Tanner Beard plays our antagonist (and writer, and director), Bobby Durango:

6BTH Movie Tanner Beard

It does have some really great music, though, and the landscape shots are sometimes spectacular, although they often come paired with the spaghetti western shots where the camera drops to an object that seems to have no purpose, lingers there, and then cuts away to the hero. Oh, and whatever the object is, it really doesn’t have an importance. It’s just a thing.

6BTH Movie

It’s hard to talk about the acting, as you have to look at two things: the physical performances and the voice-over work. Perhaps had they made the straight up western, instead of this homage, it might have been a better movie. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, I’m just saying that it could have been better. But westerns, as a rule, don’t really play anymore, unless one shrouds them in a gimmick like this. If you try to make a non-offensive, modern western today, you wind up with The Quick and the Dead or Bad Girls.

But, overall, though I found the movie to be far from perfect, I also enjoyed it far more than I thought I would after the first 10-15 minutes.

As for the video game:

6BTH Video Game

Grab your gun belt, and strap in for an adventure inspired by “6 Bullets to Hell” the movie! You are Billy Rogers, a gunslinger who has worked hard to change his ways and start a family, until a ruthless gang of outlaws strip it all away. Hunt down the men who stole your life in exciting gun battles ripped from the big screen. Inspired by classic arcade shooters, “6 Bullets to Hell” mixes touch-and-shoot gameplay with a classic Western story.


-Historic Western locations brought to life in beautiful watercolors.

-Compelling story of revenge and redemption.

-Randomized enemy behavior ensuring that every fight is unique

-Reload your gun by touching one of the sheriff’s badges.

Here are some screenshots of the game (I haven’t gotten to play it yet):

6BTH 01   6BTH 02

 6BTH 03  6BTH 04

 6BTH 11 6BTH 09

6 Bullets To Hell the film will also be released on May 10 on iTunes in conjunction with the game.

It looks like it might be a fun little time-sucker on your apple devices when you tire of whatever flavor-of-the-moment game you’re playing today.

What else can I say: “6 Bullets to Hell.” Check it out May 10th.



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