In defense of “Deadpool”, Part II

Today, this post showed up in the Salt Lake Comic Con facebook feed. Posted by Rand Benjamin Einfeldt, it posits that Deadpool could have easily been a PG-13 movie.

So, to refresh, I previously posted my review of Deadpool, and then had to come back and post a Defense of Deadpool. The defense was against those who were upset that it wasn’t a “Marvel movie.”

I never thought I’d have to defend it against a post like this one.

So, let’s get down to it. Yes, Deadpool could have been a PG-13 movie. Nobody ever said that there couldn’t be.

But that’s missing the greater point here. That point isn’t whether or not Deadpool needed to be rated R or not (FYI: it did), it’s whether the filmmakers would have been right or wong to make it that way.

If you’ve read any of my previous movie reviews, then you know how I felt about Batman vs Superman, and especially it’s whole, R-rated release for home video thing.

So why, then, would someone ask Hollywood to create a movie that caters DOWN to the audience? Why would you ask the filmmakers to compromise their vision for the movie they want to make in order for you to feel better about being able to avoid language or situations that you feel uncomfortable with?

The tell-tale giveaway in Rand’s post is this line: “As for the unnecessary scenes(that I won’t go into detail with)…”

Here, he would be referring to the sex montage. I’ll say it: he’s a prude.

He doesn’t want to listen to the cursing, which is the thrust of most of his article, but he won’t even mention the sex except as a cutesy little aside, like it’s not really anything to complain about.

Fuck. That. Noise.

If you don’t want to hear that shit: don’t listen.

If you don’t want to see that shit: don’t watch.

But for the love of God, in this day and age when we constantly deride Hollywood for not taking any chances, and instead just watch them churn out film after film of safe, predictable drivel, how can you honestly ask filmmakers to not make the movie they want to make.

Had Deadpool bombed, at least it would have bombed on it’s own terms. How many shitty Transformers movies have we been subjected to, knowing they suck? But let a filmmaker say, “No, this is my vision,” and then have the balls to pull it off, and people lose their shit.

That’s why Deadpool is a (much) better movie than Batman Vs Superman: it said, “This is what I am. Take it or leave it.” Zach Snyder and DC said, “Here’s the version of the movie we think you want to see, not the one we wanted to make.”

That’s why those that rail at the sky shouting, “Why couldn’t Deadpool be rated PG-13 (or less)?” are wrong. They’ll always be wrong.

But hey, TMNT2 and Transformers 5 are coming out soon, so they’ve got those to look forward to.

Fucking idiots.


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