Space City Comic Con – My Mission

Space City Comic Con has basically become a Sons of Anarchy convention this weekend, with 20-ish cast members showing up. Though I might get beat up for admitting this, I’ve never actually watched the show. I understand that its great, but time time time. Perhaps one day I’ll get to watch it, and see what all the hubbub is about.

But, truthfully, I’m looking forward to covering the convention for a different reason.

Let me back up.

A few months ago, my wife and I were flipping around the channels, trying to find something to fall asleep to, when we came across what appeared to be a weird, British TV show. After a few minutes, one of us said, “that almost looks like the old Doctor Who.”

And it was. Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor’s run on the show, to be precise. The Doctor that I remember watching on PBS (mostly: I saw other Doctors) when I was kid.

Every week night, two episodes, in order. We had missed everything from before the 4th Doctor, but we watch it basically every night we’re home. It’s on an over-the-air network called RetroTV. I hope to God that they restart it all when they run out of shows. I’d love to start it all again.

Anyway, we have now been through Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and are nearly through Colin Baker. His run might end tonight. We’re almost at the end of “The Trial of a Time Lord.”

Colin Baker will be at Space City this weekend. I hope he’s not too busy. I think I’d like to chat with him if he has a minute or two to spare for a small blogger. It’s been fun, reliving the show, remembering how seriously we took the cheesy effects and electro-funk theme when we were kids.

So, for everyone going to Space City Comic Con this weekend, go clog the tables of the SoA folks.

I need to see the Doctor. I should have caught him/them as they passed through Salt Lake during our previous Comic Cons. It would have been much cheaper than flying to Houston.

But maybe I’d appreciate it more now…

All things in their time, I suppose.


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