Space City Comic Con so far.

I suppose I should begin by issuing an apology. Though it started today, my coverage of Space City Comic Con has been basically non-existent.

Let me explain.

Yesterday (Thursday) was my travel day. If you don’t follow me on twitter, then you missed a series of epic rants concerning the fallout of the bad weather parked between Dallas and Houston, delaying lots of flights across the Midwest.

Or how my flight to Houston was canceled for a broken airplane.

Then how the replacement plane was delayed for weather. And delayed. And delayed.

But then we boarded. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

And then our flight was canceled due to the weather.

In a stroke of luck, I was re-booked on a flight later that night.

Which was delayed. And delayed.

And then we boarded.

And waited. And…


Late, but we took off, but our adjusted flight path took us across east Texas, over Shreveport, Louisiana, down to Lafayette, Louisiana, then back to the west, past Houston, where we swung back around and finally landed at 1238 am.

And then we sat on the tarmac for another 50 minutes because all the gates were full of other diverted flights, despite the pilot giving us a “5 to 7 minutes” spiel at least twice, way more than 7 minutes apart.

Finally got to the gate, de-planed, and went to baggage claim, where, after maybe 2 dozen bags came out, I found out that none of the canceled flight’s bags had been transferred, so I was going to have to wait until tomorrow (Friday) to have clean clothes.

Oh, and my rental car place closed at midnight. So at 2 am, I got in line for another rental, made a reservation online on my phone, and was conveniently upgraded from Economy to brand new Mustang because all the diverted people had been taking the small cars to drive one way to Austin, which for some reason is a happening joint this weekend.

And when I say “new Mustang” I don’t mean a 2016or 2017 model. I mean a Mustang with 150 miles on it. NEW.

No more than 10 minutes into my 3 am drive to my hotel, and I get hit with a boulder, so now there is a huge bullseye and a bonus crack on the right side of the windshield.


Got into bed at 4 am. Got up at around 630 because my body is stupid. Took a shower, put on yesterday’s clothes, and had some hotel breakfast. Which, surprisingly, didn’t suck.

So, on two and a half hours of sleep, no substantial food for 24 hours, and a ton of stress, I went over to the NRG Center and waited patiently in line to pick up my press credentials. Got onto the floor at noon. Walked around. I think the weather was killing them today, as many celebs hadn’t yet shown up and many vendor tables were still empty, although I have gathered from Space City’s social media feeds that many have since showed up. I’m sure all the die-hard Sons of Anarchy fans are very much relieved.

I found and chatted with my buddy, Russ Adams of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and learned some stuff I’m not supposed to know, so I won’t share it (but it’s awesome). I also picked up some independent comics from Valiant and Red 5 Comics that drew my attention, and I look forward to enjoying them later.

But, a couple hours later, yesterday had taken a toll on me, and I could barely walk, in addition to still being completely exhausted. I had to call off my day and head back to the hotel.

I believe that tomorrow will be much better, as I have now received my wayward luggage, eaten a kind of proper meal, and anticipate a whole, entire night of sleep tonight. I will probably stop and buy an umbrella on the walk over in the morning, as I suspect that the afternoon thunderstorms of yesterday, which are repeating themselves in incredibly impressive form today even as I type this, will assuredly return tomorrow afternoon, as well.

Two things I can comment on concerning Space City Comic Con is that they seemed a bit disorganized in the entry department today, despite the crowd being so small, and that they seem to undersell their own event. I say no signage outside the venue, and very little decoration inside, except right outside the inner doors to the show floor.

So: how’s your weekend going?

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