Space City Comic Con Day 2

First, let me say that day 2 has been much more enjoyable than day 1, for a multitude of reasons that I have previously discussed. Today, I had a full night’s sleep, an enjoyable breakfast, and a fresh set of clothes.

I won’t post a bunch of pics of cosplayers, since that seems a bit hackneyed, but I will say that I didn’t take a single picture of a Harley Quinn. Not because there weren’t any, because there were, but because until Suicide Squad comes out, I’m withholding any more HQ love.



Just watch this video instead. Apparently, after I left yesterday, things got interesting. someone messaged me on twitter to see if I could help. Not sure what I can do, but watch and see. It’s a quick recap of what’s going on, as I understand it.

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One thought on “Space City Comic Con Day 2

  1. Update: 1:21pm 5/29/16
    They are telling us to call showclix for a refund and there were signs all over the info desk. I emailed showclix and they are sayjng they will not give us a refund, that we have to go to the promotion company or space city comic con.

    This was our 1st Comic Con and it was the worst ever. We had the worst experience ever. I have Lupus and had to drive to Houston from Fw which is about 4hrs away. I’m in constant chronic pain and have to use a wheelchair. We bought Charlie Hunnam VIP tix and was waiting yesterday at the panel for 2hrs and they ended up canceling. The managers their said oh their having AVI difficulties. Well the AVI guys came up to a group of us who were pissed cause we wasted 2hrs for nothing. They said that the person in charge of paying did not pay them upfront as per contract. They said oh no we will pay u at the end and the AVI guys said no. They said they were gna notify us and took our name and #s that it would be the very next day at 2 and it would be for 2hrs. Whick was all a bunch of lies!!! We showed up at 2 apparently the panel was at 12 and it was only 3 people. No1 ever called us. We were gna go and take more pics from our vouchers and autographs but that the actors weren’t accepting the vouchers we paid VIP for and also we had to wait in regular lines and they werent honoring VIP because the Promoter of the event stole the actors money so they weren’t getting paid!!! So instead of 3day event that we paid for now its only a 2 day event. So supposedly were gna get a refund. It was so unorganized!!!!


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