“Batman vs Superman” – Ultimate Edition

So, hopefully I can do this quickly and not devolve into another rant, so here goes.

Over at CinemaBlend, CONNER SCHWERDTFEGER, posted this article about the upcoming “Ultimate Edition” Blu-ray release of Batman vs Superman.

In it, he talks about the studio downplaying the impact this version will have on the perception of the movie by those that hated it in the first place.

Okay…. [breaths deep…]

My feelings about the theatrical release of Batman vs Superman have been well-documented. My feelings about the revelation that there would be an R-rated home release as opposed to the PG-13 theatrical release are also well-documented.

So, when I read this line about the impact of additional character development and violence in the Blu-ray release: “All of this could come together to really convince some of the naysayers that Batman V Superman is better than they ever realized,” I can’t help but realize that he is full of shit.

If the movie had been good in the first place, it wouldn’t be dependent on this gimmicky home release to “convince” or “awaken” those that recognized BvS for what it was in the first place: a steaming pile of dog shit.

I have said it here and on facebook: if this Ultimate Edition is really that good, it only confirms my hypothesis that Zack Snyder has no fucking clue about what he’s doing, and needed a do-over.

Thank you for listening.

Please, feel free to share and discuss amongst yourselves.


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