Famine or Feast? Choose your poison.

For so long, people decried the dearth of quality material on television. Talk shows, game shows, and re-hashed sit-coms and police procedurals seemingly infested every corner of the increasing channel count on cable and satellite.

A cultural drought, in terms of viewing material.

Over the last few years, that has turned around. Suddenly, we find ourselves in an artistic deluge of quality television programming. And not just television, but the realm of internet viewing, as well.

From AMC’s iconic The Walking Dead, to HBO’s stunning Game of Thrones, to the unexpected brilliance of House of Cards, to the rebirth of the fairy tale in Grimm and Once Upon a Time, to the emergence of good, quality superhero television, birthed by DC’s Arrow and The Flash, but caught up to by Marvel’s gritty Daredevil and Jessica Jones entries on Netflix, to name but a few of the seemingly endless, yet successful superhero offerings today.

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

Finally, fans of quality viewing can rejoice!


But, what? you might ask.

A thousand channels, plus the internet, paired with an ever-increasing number of shows that simply demand to be watched, and no way to do it. There are simply not enough hours in the day to watch every show that deserves our eyeball time.

The DVR was supposed to help that, of course. Finally, we could simply tell a box to record every episode of a show for later consumption, but how to find the time to watch that always-growing mass of television? Where can one find the hours?

Famine or Feast?

How do you choose?


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