Comments: Real or Fake?

A quick aside, here, to talk about comments that get left for things like blogs and whatnot. Sometimes actual people write them, and it is immediately clear that an actual living, breathing person has taken the time to sit down and write up a quick (or not so quick) thought about what you’ve written.

Every so often, of course, you need to go into the “Spam” section and clear out all of the obviously fake comments, the advertisements (for products both inane and, umm, exotic), and whatnot.

I don’t know what criteria the filtering is based on. I know that sometimes it’s the words used. Sometimes it’s more technical stuff, such as domains, etc., but that algorithm is normally pretty good.

Then, sometimes, you see a post written like this one:


Sure, it’s a little stiff in the wording, but I can see someone sitting down and banging that out. Clearly, though, it must be spam, as the email is a bit questionable.

I guess my point is, how much longer until we can’t tell the spam like this from a legitimate comment?

One thought on “Comments: Real or Fake?

  1. Me too I never really understood why people leave these kind o comments, it makes them seems all fake and wonder if ever we are writing and if there are really real people talking to us or only a bunch of folks that are paid to do so, if it was the case I would have loved being pais so as to spam in all the comments I make:)

    Like, I wite about these and that, would you love to read me and I will follow and read you apart a slight change in my name(for some personal reasons)am 100percent real and I love reading blogs that I feel concern with and nice to meet you.


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