Back to it… Trying to play catch-up.

Okay, now that I’m back from my weeklong excursion with the wife on Mini Takes The States, I need to play some serious catch-up on here, especially since San Diego held their annual geek Bacchanalia while I was gone.

So, over the next couple of days, here’s what you should be seeing pop up on here:

  • Some talk about the Wonder Woman trailer/footage.
  • Some talk about the new Doctor Strange trailer.
  • Some talk about the Justice League.
  • A lot of discussion about the guest list so far for the best Comic Con (Salt Lake).
  • Maybe some talk about the reviews of and box-office take of the new Ghostbusters.
  • Some giveaways for Salt City Steamfest Friday tickets.

I will also be applying for press credentials for said Salt Lake Comic Con, so if you guys can help me out and FOLLOW (either through your rss feed or using the FOLLOW button at the top of the left sidebar), LIKE, and SHARE My Own Little Shadow, and maybe my twitter account (@mwwoodring) as well, that would be incredibly helpful.


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