Salt City Steamfest ticket giveaway!

Okay everyone! I mentioned before that I have been given the opportunity to give away TEN Friday passes for the upcoming Salt City Steamfest, August 12-14 at the beautiful Utah Cultural Celebration Center (doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?) in West Valley City, UT.

salt city steamfest 2016.jpg

And, yes, you read those dates correctly. This thing is running from Friday through SUNDAY! I know, right? A Sunday, in Utah.


Anyway, I have to decide how to award these things, so I suppose that there is certain criteria that has to be met. Let’s figure that out right now.

  1. Must be local(-ish), and intending on going to the event.
  2. Must FOLLOW My Own Little Shadow (see RSS link above or email subscription button on the left side of the screen) and/or @MWWoodring on twitter (WARNING: Twitter may contain cats occasionally. Sorry).
  3. Must be willing to talk to me at the event about why you wanted to attend, what you’re looking for/at, etc. Nothing fancy: just a quick Q&A.

That seems like a fairly innocuous list of requirements, so let’s go with that. In order for me to select you, LIKE this post, and/or either the Twitter post or Facebook post you linked to this contest from. Leave a COMMENT about why you deserve one, and I’ll pick the best responses.

Contest runs from NOW until 9pm August 3, since I have to forward the list of names to the Steamfest folks.

Passes can be awarded any time after 9pm, Friday, July 29, so don’t wait. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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