“Wonder Woman” San Diego Comic Con Trailer – My thoughts

I finally got time to watch the San Diego trailer for Wonder Woman. See the trailer below.

What can I say?

First, I think it looks spectacular. Very vibrant when necessary, but not cartoony, nor is it overly dreary and dark, seeming to avoid Zach Snyder’s influence in that area. I did notice an incredible amount of slow-motion fight sequences, and I have to tell you, I’m really getting tired of this phenomenon. It’s not just a DC/Zach Snyder/superhero movie thing, either. I do like the way that WW’s armor is made to fit her fighting style, with the myriad of sliding and knee-based attacks/defenses.

I wasn’t sold when I initially heard that they would be moving the time frame for Diana Prince’s introduction into our world back a World War, but the aesthetic of World War I still works, even if we don’t get Nazis, or even (from this trailer) a clear indication of why she leaves her island to accompany Chris Pine back to the real world (aside from, you know, hormones). There does seem to be an excellent Amazon/German fight sequence on the beach, though.

I also can’t help wondering if the end segment of the trailer isn’t a subconscious nod to Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter and her liberated attitudes about women. In my head, I can hear Hayley Atwell saying the “slave” line just as easily as I hear Gal Godot saying it. It’s funny, it needs to be said, and it really makes Chris Pine uncomfortable. So: bonus.

All in all, I think–from this trailer, at least–that DC has gone the right way here, especially moving away from the Snyder look of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman.

A lot of this, I think, is due to the direction of Patty Jenkins. I think the studio was right to give the big chair to a female director for Wonder Woman, and ironically, I think that it may have helped insulate her against excessive studio interference. Most importantly, so far it seems that the results are going to be levels of magnitude in quality above MoS and BvS.

Now I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie, not just wondering if DC was going to mess up such a great property.

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