“Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition”

I sat down and watched the “Ultimate Edition” of Batman V Superman yesterday…

[Do I need to say that there may be spoilers for the three people that haven’t seen the movie, yet?]


First, let me say that I didn’t hate the movie as much this time as I did the first time. Please note that I didn’t say I liked/loved/did-a-180 about the movie.

Second, for all the hullabaloo about the extra THIRTY MINUTES (and some slight re-ordering of a few scenes), there was no one, huge, earth-shattering added bit of information that magically clarified everything that was happening. Rather, Zack Snyder put back in pieces of character/theme development that probably averaged 10-15 seconds long, no one of which was more important than any of the others.

Third, could Jena Malone’s involvement have been more over-hyped or under-important? Seriously, as presented in the Ultimate Edition, this is a role that really called for little more than a glorified extra. So sad.

But, it was nice to see the Lois Lane storyline a bit more explained from the beginning, although I still think that in the grand scheme of things, it was a throw-away sub-plot whose impact/influence could easily have been absorbed by any of the other sub-plots concerning Superman’s standing and reputation in the world, which might have helped streamline the film as a whole.

Speaking of Lex Luthor, Jr., I still find his motivation to be lacking at best, and ridiculous at worst. We are treated—repeatedly—to flashbacks of Batman and Superman’s childhoods, which were so instrumental in making them the men that are; why not a scene or two of Lex’s childhood? Show us his domineering father, the abuse, the anguish, that drove Lex to question the idea of “God,” and eventually the embodiment of that ideal: Superman. Much more compelling that simply listening to the ramblings of a clearly psychotic personality, especially since that psychosis is supposed to be the result of such an upbringing.

And I still don’t really care for Jesse Eisenberg in the role. But that’s me.

As for any added violence or gore that would have contributed to an R-rating in theaters? Perhaps the fight scene at the end of the movie was already so dense and busy that any footage put back in that sequence was just destined to get lost in the CGI shuffle. More fighting doesn’t necessarily make a better fight scene.

Overall, I’d say that the movie is marginally better with the added footage that directly speaks to the character development and motivation, but still suffers from the malady of more-is-better, and trying to do too much as it relates to the establishment of the DC film universe.

There is a really good movie in there, somewhere, it just hasn’t been let out yet.


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