“Kong: Skull Island” trailer thoughts

So…. apparently this is a thing.

Go ahead. Watch the clip. I’ll wait….


Done, yet?

Okay. Let’s talk.

So, Nick Fury, Loki, and Captain Marvel get on a boat and sail away in search of an island. A mythical island populated by creatures that should have died out millennia ago, but haven’t.

Why do we need another King Kong movie again?

And watching the trailer made me think this was going to be Apocalypse Kong.

Why do we need another King Kong movie?


Did Peter Jackson not kill it dead enough a few years ago? Or is this some sort of attempted resurrection of the great ape? A chance for the studio to get it right?

News flash: King Kong, Godzilla, etc., really only work because they’re not supposed to be taken seriously.

A giant monkey and a giant, atomic lizard.

Why do we need this?

I blame none of the actors, by the way. I blame the studio.


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