Critics get no love.

In the wake of the apparent implosion of the DC Expanded Universe (aka: the films that range from sucky to okay), it has become clear to me that one immutable fact is true:

Critics get no love.

The amount of vitriol that is being flung at critics in the lead up to the official release of Suicide Squad is approached only by the ever-increasing depths of negativity being flung at the film by said critics.

Look, I get it. Those who can, do; those who can’t, critique.

Or some such nonsense.

Look, I write movie reviews. I don’t make movies.

I enjoy watching movies. I enjoy a great movie. I’ve liked some movies that critics have absolutely destroyed.

I get it. I do.

Fans are protective of things they love.

But for the love of God, people, maybe take a step back and breathe. These reviewers are getting paid to tell you what they think of movies. I mean, I’m not getting paid, but a lot of people are, and so they ostensibly try to prevent you, the viewer, from wasting your precious time and money on movies that don’t deserve it.

Otherwise, Hollywood might keep churning out Transformers and TMNT movies. Just sayin’. Or, God forbid, they may come back around to the idea that Katherine Heigl is a viable box-office draw.

Now, does it seem like lately the, umm, enthusiasm some critics are showing for putting out really negative reviews is getting ridiculous?

Yes. Yes it does.

I tweeted that it seems like it’s a race to the bottom for big-name reviews of Suicide Squad, each trying to top (bottom?) the other in describing just how bad they think the film is. It’s like they get paid more if their reviews are retweeted and shared and quoted for how terrible they are.

Look, I try to do reviews in two ways: I try to talk about it as a movie-goer, and then give some more technical, nit-picky details about why the movie is either good or bad in my opinion. I think to just simply say “this movie sucks, don’t watch it because I say so” is insulting to the reader. (I rarely find a movie that I can’t find something good to mention. It happens, but it’s pretty rare.)

You have brains. You can watch a movie and decide if you like it, or if something doesn’t make sense, or it feels like something was left out, or whatever. But you can still enjoy watching it.

Sometimes, those shortcomings can’t be overcome, and you get a crappy movie. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the movie rises above all those shortcomings and is still great, or entertaining, or funny, or moves you with a certain scene or subplot, or whatever.

But, remember, the critics have their place. Granted, some of them take themselves a little too seriously, but still: they have their place.



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