Another Day, Another Salt Lake Comic Con Guest Announcement. 9 Aug 2016

Well, it looks like my prediction of Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg announcing Benedict Cumberbatch as a guest this week is a bust. The offer is still out there, so he may still come, but not that we’ll know this week.

Instead, we get some dude who did some sci-fi movies a long time ago, and who didn’t even say anything in the last one.

Mark Hamill


Luke Skywalker himself—or the Joker, depending on your fandom—is coming to Salt Lake Comic Con (Thursday, September 1, ONLY), which is basically a miracle, despite the fact that he’s actually filming in the state right now, since he’s scheduled to do a con in Canada the same weekend. I suppose that since their con is probably going to run from Friday through Sunday, it wasn’t that big a logistical stretch for this to happen.

But from a practical standpoint, what an incredible, incredible, get by Dan and Bryan for the fans. I’m sure Salt Lake alum Carrie Fisher put a good word in for us, since she seemed to have had a good time, and if she hadn’t, then I’m sure he wouldn’t have come no matter what.

So, not only do the fans have Dan and Bryan to thank for this, but I suppose they have the fans to thank for this. Their support for the celebrities over the last few years has been exceptional, and that has to play into a lot of their decisions on whether to attend or not.

So everyone thank Dan and Bryan, give yourselves a little pat on the back as well, but remember, this is a one day deal, and the lottery is going to determine who gets to do what, whether that is attending his panel, or getting a photo or autograph. Any of us who get shut out should remember that we at least had the opportunity, and be grateful.

Don’t forget, there’s a whole lot of other great guests to support that weekend. Let’s make sure they all feel welcome and loved. Salt Lake Comic Con is a special con. I’ve attended others, but this one always feels different from a fan’s perspective.

Let’s keep up the good work.

Remember, there’s still 22 days until con, and I’m sure Bryan’s magic hat isn’t empty yet.

For the full PRESS RELEASE for Mark Hamill, click HERE.




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