“Captain Marvel” Casting

Well, Captain Marvel fans finally got their wish, as Marvel Comics finally cast the lead role for the character’s solo film.

Brie Larson, recent Oscar winner for Room and co-star of next year’s Kong: Skull Island, has been tapped as the titular superhero.

I don’t really have a ton to say about this, as I haven’t seen a lot of her work, but an early headline caught my attention. It was something to the effect of “Brie Larson has been cast as Captain Marvel. Why this is a big deal.”

Why would this be a big deal?

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is a white woman.

Brie Larson is a white woman.

So, the fact that a white woman has been cast in the role of a white woman is a big deal?

Is that because so much diversity has been shoe-horned in to other projects that the idea of casting a role in line with a project’s source material has become unusual?

Or is it the fact that Captain Marvel kinda-sorta started as a male Kree (Mar-Vell: an alien male, but a male), but whose powers were transferred to Carol Danvers later in an accident, creating the Captain Marvel we will see in the upcoming film, thus giving Marvel Comics its first female solo film lead?


Who cares?

As long as the movie is good.

Which, knowing Marvel, it will be.


One thought on ““Captain Marvel” Casting

  1. Uh, I think the “big deal” is that Marvel FINALLY has a female-led movie coming. Which we already knew, but getting an official casting announcement got people thinking about it.

    Now, if only we can get a movie with a woman of colour in the lead. Monica Rambeau in 2020! Or Miss America! Or Ms. Marvel, though I’d probably put her in 2022, after a second Captain Marvel movie.


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