“Star Trek: Beyond.” Some Thoughts

Finally saw Star Trek: Beyond the other night. Just a few thoughts to chew on.

Is it still a Star Trek movie without the Enterprise?

Lots of inside jokes/homages/throwbacks. Maybe too many.

Touching way to handle the death of the great Leonard Nimoy.

Did they cut the budget for Spock’s wigs? Terrible.

Jaylah is a bad-ass (and possible future romantic interest for Scotty?).

A vintage motorcycle happens to be aboard a starship? Nope. Not buying it, not even on a ship that old.

Did M.C. Escher design the Yorktown?

Why is there always an exhaust fan?

Bones has both excellent and crappy bedside manner.

Recycled spinning ship and moving walls sequence. Meh.

Death by Beastie Boys. (Just like our parents said.)


Overall, I thought it was an entertaining movie, just not a particularly good example of what Star Trek is supposed to be.



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